Her strength is like the tales once told
When story books were edged in gold

Unlike stars that fall from space
Sunshine’s smile lights up her face

Resilience, passion, love, and faith
Have kept her clean and made her brave

As deserts dream of rain at night
Not even floods can stop her might

Rivers merge from miles apart
To feel the love inside her heart

Much is reached by those she knows
Like knowledge, strength, and ways to grow

A mother, artist, and a friend
Who’s lived a life without pretend

How proud and happy she should feel
For what’s achieved the past ten years

Her perseverance and good deeds
Defines herself and those she needs

Sunshine simply represents
The good that comes from happiness

Glowing bright from outer space
A star is here to take its place

Thankful is the word I find
That Sunshine is a friend of mine

Written by John Vasak