I’ll Be Okay

I’ll be okay I always say
Those three words I say again and again
It’s been forty-three years in this life of mine
And it feels like I do this all of the time

I’ve felt love and bliss
And that feeling from a kiss
I’ve seen beauty, hope, and people cope
With life and loss and the meaning of a cross

I’ve had fun in the sun and laughter in the rain
A marriage, a job, some success came my way

Yet through it all
It never ever ever ever failed to find me
I’ve felt pain in ways that’ll last for days
But always seems to go away

I’ve felt lost, ashamed, embarrassed, and blamed
But I’ve always lived to see those brighter days
I’ve been manic, confused, and unsure what to do
But I never gave up when I thought I should lose

I have strength that would blow your mind
I have strength that some have never seen before
A strength you won’t see in my arms and chest
A strength you won’t see in my legs and neck

But unbelievable strength to endure stress
Unbelievable strength to overcome my sadness
Unbelievable strength to help me breath

When a person’s depressed and feeling defeated
All they can think about
Is ending the pain

Trying to breath is their biggest challenge
I use my strength and my strongest power

I love myself
Because I’m all that matters

Written by John Vasak