Collect Call

The night was of something
Out of this world
It gave me time to think
Of just this girl

The car was warm
Outside was rainy
I pulled over
Could she save me

I phoned collect
To see if she’d accept
Even though all we’d done
Is briefly met

Her happiness
Took me by surprise
Just as did
Her stunning eyes

We agreed on
The perfect date
A chance to see
Her pretty face

I don’t mind waiting
It’s all I know
I just want love
To see it grow

And like her I hope
I don’t mind trying
It seems like most
Just don’t mind dying

Perhaps this date
Will be a start
For me a chance
To win her heart

Written by John Vasak

A Crazy Kind Of Beautiful

There’s a crazy kind of beautiful
That she brings into the room
When I’m sitting there all by myself
And my heart begins to swoon

It captures my attention
As I’m gazing at the moon
And I feel the hair go up my spine
As the stars begin to loom

I can see it in her picture
From a thousand miles apart
A smile I simply can’t forget
Or a way to touch her heart

And while she loves
To stick her tongue out at me
Laughing as she cries
It’s the miracle of her life
That will always make me smile

While the game we play is silly
Maybe more than we’ll admit
It’s the one thing in between us
That we both can’t seem to quit

If you think I’m going crazy
Or simply sound insane
If I died and gone to heaven
And had only one to blame

I think it would be God and I
That only knew the name
Of the girl who came and stole my heart
When I couldn’t walk away

Written by John Vasak


Her strength is like the tales once told
When story books were edged in gold

Unlike stars that fall from space
Sunshine’s smile lights up her face

Resilience, passion, love, and faith
Have kept her clean and made her brave

As deserts dream of rain at night
Not even floods can stop her might

Rivers merge from miles apart
To feel the love inside her heart

Much is reached by those she knows
Like knowledge, strength, and ways to grow

A mother, artist, and a friend
Who’s lived a life without pretend

How proud and happy she should feel
For what’s achieved the past ten years

Her perseverance and good deeds
Defines herself and those she needs

Sunshine simply represents
The good that comes from happiness

Glowing bright from outer space
A star is here to take its place

Thankful is the word I find
That Sunshine is a friend of mine

Written by John Vasak

I’ll Be Okay

I’ll be okay I always say
Those three words I say again and again
It’s been forty-three years in this life of mine
And it feels like I do this all of the time

I’ve felt love and bliss
And that feeling from a kiss
I’ve seen beauty, hope, and people cope
With life and loss and the meaning of a cross

I’ve had fun in the sun and laughter in the rain
A marriage, a job, some success came my way

Yet through it all
It never ever ever ever failed to find me
I’ve felt pain in ways that’ll last for days
But always seems to go away

I’ve felt lost, ashamed, embarrassed, and blamed
But I’ve always lived to see those brighter days
I’ve been manic, confused, and unsure what to do
But I never gave up when I thought I should lose

I have strength that would blow your mind
I have strength that some have never seen before
A strength you won’t see in my arms and chest
A strength you won’t see in my legs and neck

But unbelievable strength to endure stress
Unbelievable strength to overcome my sadness
Unbelievable strength to help me breath

When a person’s depressed and feeling defeated
All they can think about
Is ending the pain

Trying to breath is their biggest challenge
I use my strength and my strongest power

I love myself
Because I’m all that matters

Written by John Vasak

A Wave Of Disbelief

When I was very young
I would stare into the sun
While the waves upon the ocean
Would merge into just one

You would hold onto my hand
As we made circles in the sand

And teach me how to breathe
When a wave of disbelief
Passed beneath our feet

When I had grown much older
I would rest upon your shoulder
To help me get right over
The years that made me colder

You would help me understand
Exactly where to stand

And remind me how to breathe
When a wave of disbelief
Brought me to my knees

Now that I am here
And fate is much more clear
Your words I still hold dear
As your heart is oh so near

God will have a plan
As he reaches for my hand

That will enable me to breathe
As a wave of disbelief
Slowly washes over me

Written by John Vasak

A Silhouette Of Her

Standing in the shadow
In the corner of the room
Stood a silhouette of her
That flickered from the moon

She gazed at him adoringly
Unveiling her disguise
Arousing him unknowingly
With conversating eyes

His mind’s imagination
Just slipped into a trance
As the sinner from within him
Waited for a chance

To twist her up just like a knot
So she could hardly spin
And set ablaze the fire
Of a passion deep within

If left to chance
This sultry dance
Likely would’ve followed
Until the voices in his head
Now prompted him to swallow

She smiled with reservation
At the cross around his neck
And asked if his imagination
Were something he’d regret

He paused with hesitation
As the blood coursed through his veins
Collecting his composure
As she called him by his name

Every voice inside his head
Was pleading him to stay
Instead he listened to his own
And slowly walked away

Written by John Vasak

I Forget

“Tell me if it’s why it is
Or why is it?
I forget”, she says

“Then tell me
Why is it you’re smiling?
I can see it on your face
And what’s behind your back?
You’ve been hiding it all day

Say it to me nicely
In a way you won’t regret
I know you have a gift for me
That much I won’t forget!”

He pondered for a moment
Then looked her in the eyes
Wiped away a tear that formed
Trying hardest not to smile

“I like you like
Those clouds above
That form within the sky
That leaves us feeling happy
As we watch them drift right by

I like you like
Our friends at school
That we chase after we have class
But I guess what I like most of all
Is that you’re smiling at me back.”

She smiled until her eyes had teared
Then kissed him on the cheek
Laughing as she ran away
And yelling out, “You’re it!”

Written by John Vasak


Today you will smile
No longer you’ll lie
The pain comes and goes
In this kind of life

The candle burns brightly
All through the night
Sending a message
Of love and delight

Tomorrow’s a new day
The mind will shift gears
The lessons you learned
Will now bring you tears

They married each other
In front of their friends
Their family was there
To watch it begin

Like stars in the rain
They danced into space
Not knowing the pain
Of falling from grace

Now they must struggle
Their love disappeared
The hearts they gave up
Are now filled with fear

The heat from the fire
Was worse than the touch
You’re now just a liar
You loved her so much

An end to the seethe
Allows you to breathe
You’ve packed up your things
So now you can leave

Time teaches lessons
To those who accept
That faith can heal wounds
That are hard to forget

Let us remember
To live without doubt
That true love will exist
That’s what it’s about

Written by John Vasak

What’s Good

It’s the cheers from the crowd
That make it a game
Or a play that stands out
That gives you a name

It’s the lessons learned
From those that care
That make you strong
And want to share

It’s the smiles and laughter
From a friend
That will keep you happy
Till the end

It’s the feeling you get
From a hug and a kiss
That down the road
You know you’ll miss

It’s the sound and lyrics
From a song
That stay with you
When days are long

And as I go through each new day
All that’s bad I throw away

And as I go on living like I do
I’ll save what’s good to give to you

Written by John Vasak