A Silhouette Of Her

Standing in the shadow
In the corner of the room
Stood a silhouette of her
That flickered from the moon

She gazed at him adoringly
Unveiling her disguise
Arousing him unknowingly
With conversating eyes

His mind’s imagination
Just slipped into a trance
As the sinner from within him
Waited for a chance

To twist her up just like a knot
So she could hardly spin
And set ablaze the fire
Of a passion deep within

If left to chance
This sultry dance
Likely would’ve followed
Until the voices in his head
Now prompted him to swallow

She smiled with reservation
At the cross around his neck
And asked if his imagination
Were something he’d regret

He paused with hesitation
As the blood coursed through his veins
Collecting his composure
As she called him by his name

Every voice inside his head
Was pleading him to stay
Instead he listened to his own
And slowly walked away

Written by John Vasak

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