I Forget

“Tell me if it’s why it is
Or why is it?
I forget”, she says

“Then tell me
Why is it you’re smiling?
I can see it on your face
And what’s behind your back?
You’ve been hiding it all day

Say it to me nicely
In a way you won’t regret
I know you have a gift for me
That much I won’t forget!”

He pondered for a moment
Then looked her in the eyes
Wiped away a tear that formed
Trying hardest not to smile

“I like you like
Those clouds above
That form within the sky
That leaves us feeling happy
As we watch them drift right by

I like you like
Our friends at school
That we chase after we have class
But I guess what I like most of all
Is that you’re smiling at me back.”

She smiled until her eyes had teared
Then kissed him on the cheek
Laughing as she ran away
And yelling out, “You’re it!”

Written by John Vasak

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